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Alphabet Soup- Special Operations serving

The FN-SCAR. It’s a pretty cool looking rifle. It’s got a pretty cool name with its distinct look. Where did it get its name from?

In June of 2003 the US Government was looking for a new combat rifle. Responding to concerns from special operators in combat regarding the reliability, accuracy, safety and ergonomics of the current platform, the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane, began an investigation of potential improvements.

The rifle was approved for use and implemented in 2009. The specific application of the new rifle was for the special operators of the special forces. The name SCAR stands for (S)pecial Operations Forces (C)ombat (A)ssault (R)ifle.

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Santa Rosa Co Fl Sheriff Promoting gun ownership

Due to a recent arrest and the subsequent press conference, the Sheriff of Santa Rosa County in NWFl has encouraged homeowners to shoot anyone breaking into their property.

The Sheriff’s department is now offering gun safety courses to encourage gun owners to safely own guns. These courses do satisfy the requirements to apply for your concealed carry permit.

The course is only open to residents of the county.