Common Arms Trade Company LLC

Our philosophy- Arm yourself because no one else will.

What does it mean? At the surface, it means that you yourself are responsible for making sure you have the ability to defend yourself. On a deeper level, it means that you are also responsible for arming yourself with knowledge, armor, and training.

Our goal: to be your supplier for your physical needs to arm yourself, providing premium gear and whole solutions. We are primarily a small arms dealer, but we have access to over 20 distributors to meet your needs.


What We Do


Don’t have the time, inclination or facilities to build that AR you bought the parts for? Send them to me, and I’ll assemble, test fire and send back to your choice of FFL. Locally, Just bring it on by and then pick it up when I complete the project. Contact me for pricing.

Cleaning and Visual inspection

Ever had one of those days at the range? You know the kind; long hours, heat and humidity in NW Florida, endless mag reloads. Send them my way and I’ll get them all cleaned up and inspected for you. Pick them up locally when you are able or I can deliver them for a nominal fee.

Located in Northwest Florida Panhandle


Bases nearby, all local to the area which are within the service area; NAS Pensacola, NAS Whiting field, Eglin Air Force Base, and Hurlburt Field


Years of working with or on the AR-15 platform

USMC Veteran

NW Florida local since 2004

Why You’ll Love Us

There has never been a better time to go with Common Arms Trade Company. Efficient service with a personal touch. We’re a new up and coming Trade Company with fantastic services to offer and prices that keep up with our competitors.

  • Veteran owned
  • Ethical
  • Timely
  • Personal
  • National network of support