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Alphabet Soup


  1. an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word (e.g. ASCII, NASA ). (Oxford definition)

I don’t know about y’all but there are a lot of acronyms in the firearm world. Maybe it’s because of the militaristic nature of owning firearms or the fact that it’s easier to shorten phrases to a form that makes you feel like you are part of a special club because you know what it means.

This series is going to break some of them down and where they come from. It might be something as simple as caliber designations, or as complex as AOW (any other weapon.)

Come along on this journey with me and let’s see where the winding road will take us! If you have a suggestion on something or would like me to cover an acronym that you just can never remember, let me know and I’ll try to fit it in.

Leave a Reply if you think I’m wrong, or right, let me know what you think.