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Solutions to the bracing issue

The new regulations for pistol braces and the 4999 worksheet is going to have a lot of people having to modify their pistols to comply with the regulations. There is no “grandfather” clause where people are going to get to keep their firearms as-is. The only options for people are:

  1. ⁠Change the parts that “make it an SBR.”
  2. ⁠Register it as an NFA.
  3. ⁠Have it destroyed.
  4. ⁠Change out the barrel to make it a complete rifle.

Going off of the picture attached to this post, the points it has are as follows (12):

  • 1-2 points for the KAK Stabilizer
  • 2 points for “fin type” without arm strap
  • 3 points for length of pull (12.25 in)
  • 2 points for folding stock
  • 2 points for fin type again regardless of strap
  • 1 point for BUIS (back up iron sights)

In order to comply with the first option of making it legal, the fin type stabilizer would remove six of the points. Removing the folding stock would remove five more of the points. There are systems out there that have shorter buffer tubes and could change out the buffer tube to reduce the length of pull therefore not needing to remove the folding buffer adapter.

If you are local, bring it in and we can discuss the options to make the pistol within regulations. If not, contact us and we can discuss the options along with a quote to be within the regulations.

In reality, you could “keep it as it is” however, it would have to be registered as an NFA (National Firearms Act) firearm so this still wouldn’t count as being grandfathered in. The form 1 submission would need to get the tax stamp and have the fee paid.

You could have it destroyed. Sure. You could also scramble bald eagle eggs for for breakfast too, but who wants to destroy freedom?

The last option of changing out the barrel to a rifle length (16 inches) would make it into a full on rifle. You can buy barrels in your desired length with pistol gas block and then the only thing you would have to change out is JUST the barrel. In all honesty you are probably going to want to change out the hand guard too.

Here is the our contact info if you want to discuss options or set up an appointment:

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