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Second hand info

This is not the same post as the other one that talks about pushing your shots to the right of where you are supposedly aiming. All these posts are dependent on the fact that your sights/optics are dead on. Are you sure they are??? I’ll go over that in another post because that’s a whole other issue.

This is still about your non firing hand, but more so covering the unconscious push you give to the fire arm when you have already been at the range all day trying to look like you are the professional shooters you watch in the videos with their arms way out in the boonies on the hand guard. I get it- some people like it to have more control over the muzzle, but man, that gets tiring doing it for more than a couple mags. Same goes with shooting large caliber handguns or a high amount of rounds in any caliber, you get tired.

If you find your shots are creeping up as you begin to think “just one more box, one more mag, one more change of the targets THEN I’ll leave” then you are this guy (girl, velociraptor, other) that needs to take a rest.

Your second hand is telling you time is up. You are unconsciously anticipating the shot and your non firing hand is overcompensation and pushing the firearm up. When I notice this, I pack it up and take off. Think about it next time you are out there and let me know if this helped out or if you just left the range too.

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