Special Programs

In house financing and unboxing giveaway program

CanStash Purchase System

This is a new program being offered that YOU are in charge of. Everyone has that stash of money that they are trying to save up for their dream item. This is the realization of that. What we are offering is the option to get the guns or gear you want, but never have the money for. With all the restrictions the anti-gun financing companies out there have implemented, it’s hard to finance a gun but no longer. This is your virtual coffee can. Stash you money in your account and when you reach the magical number of whatever it is you had in mind, it will be ready for your pick up. The same restrictions hold the same for any gun purchase. Must be able to legally own firearms, and pass a background check. Three day waiting period on any gun purchase and pickup in Florida from the shop. The option to include the FFL transfer fee and background check can be included in your program fees.
If you choose to change the program to another firearm or item, there will be no fee to do so. If you wish to withdraw the entire amount in the account, there will be a $50 flat administrative fee and a 15% penalty for withdrawal prior to completion of the program if less than 75% of the amount has been deposited.

The UnBoxing Raffle

We offer a set number of spots to buy into an unboxing raffle open to anyone legally able to obtain firearms. We will offer the spots until they are sold out. You may purchase as many spots as you wish to enter the raffle not to exceed 50%. The unboxing will occur after all spots have been purchased. Any and all updates will be on social media so make sure you follow along!